Do You Know What the Latest UI/UX Trends are?

UI trends are not there just to make your product look colourful and bright. It’s important to stay up to date with the trends in UI to make the product more consumer usable and friendly. It’s always good to keep the consumer happy, you know! Well, if you agree, scroll down! 

Buttons and Typography

Buttons tend to be curvy and not flat now.  Gradients have completely affected buttons and text. The use of fonts is framed to bigger, bolder, and clearer font types.  Also, the use of typography is minimized and replaced with emojis, images, icons etc. When it comes to marketing and social media, ‘video’ has become the king of media – the internet says 76% of people on the internet prefer to watch videos. ✅


Centered Content

Centering the content in both mobile and web UI is the key I see in designing now. It looks amazing when both the right and left sides are kept clean. This is also a part of Complexion Reduction. Basically, bigger and bolder text, simpler icons and gradients are what complexion reduction is all about. 😎






In 2018, the world’s UI face was invaded by a major aspect called “colours”.

Colours are used along with important objects, typography, around images – basically everywhere!  However, it’s not just one single colour as it came with Windows by Microsoft. Windows and their flat matte colours were great – It was clean and clear. But not anymore! 

In 2015, Instagram popped up with a new set of UIs for their web and mobile app majoring something old and cool – “Gradients”.  Well, the source was Microsoft again, and they introduced this into the market as “Word Art” 😍 There are around 10 million colours now on planet earth so gradients can be made from almost any colour. 

Here’s a tip – take the environment around you as examples when mixing colours to create a gradient, they won’t look weird!


Animation to Sounds

Static content makes life easier BUT BORING. That’s why maybe animation was invented?! Colour transition, hovering, zoom, shadow, and blur effects are still in use in designing because of this very reason. Why not spice it up by setting sounds along with animations to make them even more lively? (ex: click sounds for buttons, swooshing sounds for scrolling etc. 🔊)


Overlapping Curves and Floating Shapes

Well, this is not the latest trend but this is widely used in Web UIs. This is mainly used to build a 3-dimensional depth and to make UIs more eye-catching with detail. Parallax effect is used to make shapes or relevant objects follow the user’s eyes and to make them feel that the UI is closer.

Well, what do you think? If you have suggestions please comment below!

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